Other Work

Documents & Booklets

Whether it’s for digital distribution or print I can help you bring your branded document to the next level. With design experience for imbedding in emails, sharing through websites and social media, ready-to-print files for folding pamphlets, educational documents and booklets, postcards, customized notebook inserts and much more, I can make that stressful design a smooth experience with options to print and ship to you directly. Taking all the hassle out of doing it yourself. 

Contact me with specific project requirements and details on the document you need designed. Let’s get started today!

Pitches & Presentations

Do you have a great idea with all the details figured out but are struggling to get a cohesive design together for your pitch? Are you facing a presentation for an important grant or funding opportunity, but aren’t sure how to put it together in an informative, entertaining or cohesive way? Let me give your presentation, pitch or proposal the design boost it needs! Together we can make your idea stand out from the rest. 

I can design it from scratch and deliver a fully realized PDF for you to pass along to your investor, boss or client, or I can set up a PowerPoint or Word document for you to take over and adjust as needed with changing information or updated data. Contact me today!