Video Editing

Film & TV

The films I’ve worked on have been shown in science centers and museums around the world including the Science Museum in London, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, TELUS World of Science-Edmonton, the American Museum of Natural History in New York, IMAX Melbourne, the Scientific Center in Kuwait and many more. I’ve also worked on the eco-documentary TV Series, The Water Brothers, broadcasted by TVO in Canada and on various networks through ShoutFactory TV in the United States.

Short Film

Editor | Backyard Wilderness

This short film focused on the nature story of Backyard Wilderness and was a fun project to work on. It came together quickly with help from an awesome team. I also cut this trailer.

Short Film

Editor | Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

The inital rough cut of this short film was done by the director. I then took over with the SK Films creative team taking over for final polish before handing it to the online team. We focused more on the volcano facts and less on the human story as we only had 25minutes to share all the important details. I also cut this trailer.

Short Film

Editor | Amazon Adventure

I cut a 25 minute short version from the 45 minute film. It was a challenge to keep the important story beats in the short version without re-recording the narration. This is the trailer for both versions of the film.


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

The first episode I worked on for the series, I learned how to keep digital files organized and access archived shots. Maintain consistent workflows across different computer set ups and clear communication with the rest of the editing team.


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

Working closely with the editor of this episode, I was in charge of ingesting new shots as they came in and transcoding the footage to the appropriate specs.


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

As an assistant editor on this episode, I dove headlong into organizing footage, adding in updated animations and coordinating with post-production houses for final output deliveries. 


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

This episode utilized footage from a shoot the brothers did years prior and required delving into the archives of the series for some specific shots. I organized interviews and generated transcripts for the series.


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

Organized stock footage, interviews and new shots. Created shot lists for additional materials and maintained hard drive backups.


Assistant Editor | The Water Brothers

The last of The Water Brothers Season 4 series, an important episode that required reformatting framerates of stock images and footage, creating music cue sheets and timecoded transcripts.

Online Videos

While The Water Brothers series is hosted online, these videos were always meant and planned to be shown digitally through various platforms (most hosted on YouTube). These are a few samples of behind the scenes videos, promotional trailers and clips for larger projects and PSAs or educational videos about important environmental issues. Whatever your project needs, I can cut and prep it for use on traditional platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or your website, and also re-format videos for use on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Facebook.

Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction

Editor |The Newcomers Podcast, Headgum

A fun commercial/promo type project for a podcast episode with Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus who had never seen Star Wars before. Using provided graphics and brand guidelines, I created this short video.

Kicking Plastic's Butt!

Editor | The Water Brothers & The University of Toronto Trash Team

A collaboration with The Water Brothers and The University of Toronto Trash Team to create this important PSA video about plastic pollution through cigarettes. This required audio mixing, color correction and a quick turn around so that the video could be shared during the U of T Cigarette PSA event.

Algae Blooms

Editor | The Water Brothers & The Everglades Foundation

Several interviews were conducted for this video, which required a lot of editing and balance to cover all competitors equally while also sharing information about the harmful effects of algae blooms. Commissioned by the Everglades Foundation for the online coverage of their event.

Teacher Testimonials

Editor | Backyard Wilderness

It was fun listening to the enthusiasm from these teachers attending a special screening of the IMAX film Backyard Wilderness. While a challenge to mix the audio, this video was like a mini-documentary of the event and a useful promotional tool for the film.


Editor | Amazon Adventure

Cutting this video in my air conditioned office was definitely a lot nicer than being in the hot and humid rainforest! These amazing filmmakers from three different countries came together to create “Amazon Adventure”, watch as they carry heavy lights and run huge tracks over rough terrain in torrential rain.


Editor | Amazon Adventure

The filmmaking team carried heavy equipment through the Amazon Rainforest in order to bring an authentic 3D experience to audiences worldwide. The goal of this video was to inform people on how complicated 3D production can be. 


Editor | Amazon Adventure

Editing this film was quite the challenge, but a fun one! I had on-set candid interviews to work with and a number of more formal settings as well as hours of footage to sort through. All in all we ended up with a great introduction to who Henry Bates is before audiences went to see “Amazon Adventure”.


Editor | Amazon Adventure

The crew’s commitment to authenticity not only resulted in this rigorous re-creation, even using actual instruments and tools from the 1850s, but the writing team also incorporated many of Bates’ own words, as he was a gifted storyteller. The crew worked tediously to ensure the timeline and facts were all scientifically accurate prior to being included in the film.


Editor | Amazon Adventure

Filmed at a ‘sneak peek’ hosted by the US National Science Teachers Association Conference, with over 1,200+ teachers from across the country.

360˚ Behind The Scenes

Editor | Amazon Adventure

Filmed on location in the Amazon Rainforest, this 360 video takes you on set with the cast and crew for the IMAX 3D film Amazon Adventure.

Vertical Farms

Editor | The Water Brothers

The Water Brothers tour a new vertical farming system at Urban Barns just outside of Montreal, Quebec. A color-correction challenge with the unique lights used in the farm.

Trailers & Commercials

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Editor | Wings Over Water

The 90-second theatrical trailer for Wings Over Water, narrated by Michael Keaton, was a start-to-finish project with SK Films. I was involved in the script writing process, video editing and offline production for the trailer. I also created the thumbnail, prepped assets for the final output for online and in-theater use, and made shorter (15-second, 30-second and 60-second) versions for social media platforms.


Editor | Backyard Wilderness

Editing trailers for IMAX and giant screens is a special challenge because you have to remember that the size of the screen changes what visual information audiences can absorb. This means unique pacing and timing of cuts to suit the medium, a fun challenge to balance entertainment and technological constraints.


Editor | Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

There’s a joy that comes from timing a music drop perfectly with the most dramatic eruption in the film, and what better subjec to create a trailer for than volcanoes! Editor of the offline trailer and prepped for theatrical and social media use.


Editor | SK Films

I created the flying animation motion graphic for the SK Films logo and added in new music and visuals from their most recent films. I liked working on this one because I had the opportunity to work with some beautiful footage that offered unique transition points timed perfectly with the soundtrack.


Editor | The Water Brothers

Working with The Water Brothers I cut this trailer to promote the fourth season of the TV show, highlighting the scientific experts they interviewed and the amazing cinematography in the series.

15-Second Trailer

Editor | BBC Earth’s Antarctica

A 15-second cut based on the full film trailer, formatted with square, vertical and regular 16:9 HD, UHD resolution to be used by theater clients on all platforms.


Working for Cherrydale Productions, in association with Pemberley Digital, I edited nine episodes, with quick turnarounds, to the director’s specifications. Check out two of the episodes I worked on below!

I am the video editor for a 6-episode, comedic web series about two friends who start a rideshare app called “DriveGet”.

Back to the Grind

Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 4

While set up to look and feel like an amateur vlog channel, this production had a full cast and crew with a professional team of editors to put the videos together. I was one such person and had a blast finding the balance between authentic and produced. 

The Witch's Curse (Part 1)

Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 5

The first of several parts of The Witch’s Curse videos in this series. The entire shoot was provided to me in several chunks and it was my job to make sure it looked like one take and to cut it up into the requested sections. The rest of the parts can be found on their YouTube channel.

Family Meeting

Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 12

I’m always thankful for videos where the takes and storyboards are provided, the directors for this series were a pleasure to work with.

"My Boyfriend" Does my makeup

Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 13

A video based on trends at the time of filming where makeup artists on YouTube would get their boyfriends to do their makeup. This series took its own spin on that with fun results!


Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 18

Another video from the March Family Letters series which I edited.

Truth and Limes

Editor | March Family Letters, Episode 22

While I can work well under pressure, having time to refine, review and make any changes myself before sending in for approval is always appreciated. I was always working several episodes ahead of where the latest one to be published actually was.

Establishing the Premise and Characters

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 1

Two strangers meet and start a rideshare app in this self-aware comedy webseries. I wore many hats on this project, including continuity, script assistant, behind the scenes videographer and editor. The directors for this series were a joy to work with and knew exactly what they wanted. 

The Stakeout

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 2

Another fun episode where I help on set as well as edited myself, prepping audio and video files for mixing and coloring by other people.

Arms Dealers

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 3

There were many funny takes left on the edit room floor in this episode. Featuring the late Nick Nemeroff and his hilarious scene partner, Gavin Pounds, I couldn’t help but crack up as I cut this one together.

The Theatre

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 4

Thankfully I was on set for the full production of this series and was able to make my own detailed continuity notes which made editing a much faster process after. I also have a little cameo in this one!

Street Racing

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 5

Another episode where my many hats included background actor, a chilly shoot and a fun montage of street racing. The Director and I worked closely on this one to make the street race feel fast paced but still keeping within the comedy world that had been set up in the series thus far. 

The New Guy

Editor | DriveGet, Episode 6

The last episode in the series that set up for a hilarious season 2 that never happened. Again, just a fun time and fond memories of working with everyone involved. A wonderful first solo-editor experience for me!